What are the Benefits of Knee Braces?

A knee injury may be a scary and painful experience. A knee pain may hamper your ability to work, walk and participate fully in your favorite recreational activity. You might need physical therapy to help you improve strength and range of motion as well as decrease pain after knee injury. After injuring your knee, you might wonder if a knee brace is the ideal device for you. And yes, they are.

What are knee braces?

Knee braces are described as supports you wear for an injured or painful knee. Some individuals employ them to prevent knee injuries arising from sports activities. They are made from combinations of foam, plastic, straps and elastic materials. They also come in different colors, designs and sizes.

Why need knee brace?

Knee braces are used for different problems and conditions. There are two main types of knee braces:

Functional Knee Braces

These are designed to substitute for damage ligaments. A patient, for example, who sustains an ACL tear, might be provided a knee brace to wear so as to permit some activities without surgery. Functional knee braces may help patients having ligament injury. Studies show that these braces offer protection to knee at low loads. This implies that when force is applied to a knee supported with functional knee brace, it’s more stable when compared to one without a brace.

Prophylactic Knee Braces

These are used to prevent knee injuries. They are worn by athletes participating in high-risk sports so as to limit the dangers of sustaining a knee injury.

When knee braces are used

Different knee problems need different knee braces. Therefore, your specialist trained in knee braces or your doctor might suggest one type of knee brace after your knee surgery. Some doctors might choose another type for support instead of surgery for torn knee ligament. You might also require a knee brace for pain in front of the knee which is not improving with flexibility and strengthening exercises. You should work with a specialist trained in knee braces when you want to try one since it’s not a guarantee they’re going to stop an injury from happening.

Features to look in a knee brace

Whereas any kind of knee brace is better when compared to wearing nothing at all, there are some major features you should look out for when selecting the ideal braces. You should not forget that just like any product you purchase, you receive what you pay for. Therefore, when you think that cheap is going to protect your knees, the choice is yours. Just ensure you do not regret spending some extra cash on some better pair when you are laid down with a broken knee.

· The following are a number of things to look for if shopping for knee braces
· Protection below, above and in front of your knee
· Protection from side impacts
· Adjustable tension straps
· Poly-axial hinges which permit natural joint movement
· Foam padding for additional comfort

Custom knee bracing

A knee injury is among the most painful injuries you may have. It’s also among the longest to recover from. But when you need to limit the risk of knee injury while riding, or doing other sports, then you should not hesitate to go for custom knee bracing. They are instrumental in ensuring that you minimize the risk of knee injury since they’re protective in nature.

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