Peak Health & Performance is proud to be affiliated with Complete Concussion Management.  CCM is a company based in Toronto that specializes in the diagnosis and management of concussion injuries.  Peak Health is currently the only clinic in Calgary and Alberta offering the most comprehensive and evidence-based pre-season baseline testing and concussion management in partnership with CCM.

Sport-related concussion is a common neurological injury that occurs in all levels of athletic participation. Concussions may actually go undiagnosed, as they do not always display outward or obvious signs and many athletes are unaware of either the symptoms of concussion or the dangers of playing with a concussion. Inappropriate management of concussion can lead to increased risk of subsequent, and much more devastating, potentially permanent, or even fatal, brain injury. 

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What is Complete Concussion Management?

Complete Concussion Management™ is a multidisciplinary network of chiropractors, physicians, physiotherapists, neuropsychologists and neurologists committed to offering the highest level of concussion care to athletes of all ages. As part of this commitment CCM has invested heavily in the development of cutting edge baseline concussion testing and research-based “Return-to-Learn” and “Return-to-Play” protocols. These programs are designed to work in conjunction with each athlete’s school, teachers, parents, trainers, coaches, and family doctors. This team cohesiveness is an integral part of our management program to ensure that the athlete is being managed properly each and every step of the way. This type of concussion management is only currently seen in professional sports organizations with no such programs available to children and adolescent athletes…until now!

There are currently numerous clinics in Ontario that are also specially trained in the top-level and most recent medical research available on how to manage these injuries properly and safely. Each region has a primary clinic as well as a regional network of specialists to properly manage each concussion injury. Complete Concussion Management™ is dedicated to using the highest level of medical research available to ensure the highest level of safety for all athletes involved in amateur and professional sport.

Visit the CCM website here for further information or give the clinic a call if you have any questions. 

Baseline Testing

Peak Health & Performance is currently accepting teams and/or individual athletes for pre-season baseline testing. Baseline testing is the most important step in properly managing a concussion.

Dr. Evan Durnin & Dr. Kevin Creppin are the practitioners at Peak Health & Performance who are specially trained in managing concussions. Call the clinic if you would like to make an appointment for baseline testing or concussion management, or you can book an appointment online by following the link below.

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