What Is Custom Knee Bracing?

Peak Health & Performance offers custom fitted premium Ossur and DonJoy braces. These high-quality and  world-class orthopedic devices offer a broad range of products for knee injuries (pre or post surgical) that are used for rehabilitation and pain management.  Custom fitted knee braces are designed to help speed recovery and protect the injured area. Custom knee braces are highly recommended following surgery to an area. A medical doctor’s referral is not needed for a custom knee brace.

*Dr. Evan Durnin is the practitioner at Peak Health & Performance who is specially trained in custom knee bracing.  All of our knee brace fittings include a complementary consult.  Feel free to give the clinic a call to chat with Dr. Evan Durnin to see if a custom fitted knee brace is the right fit for you! 

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Commonly Braced Conditions:

  • ACL Knee Sprains & Ligamentous Instability
  • MCL Knee Sprains & Ligamentous Instability
  • PCL Knee Sprains & Ligamentous Instability
  • Meniscal Sprains & Tears
  • Osteoarthritis Unloading
  • Jumper’s Knee / Patellofemoral Pain
  • Post-Surgical


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