What Is A Functional Movement Evaluation?

To prevent injury and perform at your highest potential, it is important to train with your body in perfect biomechanical form. At Peak Health and Performance, the doctors use a set of movements and exercises to detect and assess any aberrant biomechanics that the patient may have. Weak, tight, and overused muscles can be detected, along with compensation patterns and kinetic chain dysfunctions. A treatment and rehabilitation program can then be recommended to correct the abnormalities, decrease pain, and prevent future injury by taking a proactive approach.

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In addition, the doctors can observe and video-record the athlete performing a specific sports skill. The movement will be analyzed and broken down into its fundamental components to find any biomechanical or movement dysfunctions.  The dysfunction and movement patterns will then be corrected with a rehabilitation and strengthening program to prevent injury and decreased performance in the future.

Some examples of movement evaluations that can be performed include:

  • General Muscle Imbalance Assessment
  • Walking Gait
  • Running Gait
  • Baseball Pitch & Swing
  • Golf Swing

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