What Is Rehabilitation?

One of the core services offered at Peak Health & Performance is rehabilitation, as it is an integral part of any injury management treatment plan in Calgary. Rehabilitation can include, but is not limited to: muscle strengthening, core stabilization, balance training, proprioceptive training, sport specific movement training, and stretching. Rehabilitation is extremely important to return injured tissues to their pre-injury state and eliminate post-injury aberrant mechanics, weaknesses, or imbalances, which may lead to re-injury or further detrimental injury down the road.

At Peak Health and Performance, Calgary rehabilitation programs are individualized and personally tailored to the patient’s specific injury, as well as their lifestyle and ability to complete the exercises at home. The rehabilitation exercises are always first demonstrated by one of the clinic’s chiropractors  or physiotherapists, the exercise program can then be completed at home or at Peak Health & Performance’s rehab facility under professional supervision.

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What Is Pre-habilitation?

Pre-habilitation, as opposed to rehabilitation is when an individual performs specific physical conditioning, strengthening exercises, or motor training prior to an anticipated medical procedure such as a surgery.  When candidates for surgery complete a specifically tailored pre-habilitation program prior to their surgery, their outcomes will be significantly affected after the procedure. Following surgery, rehabilitation will take much less time and the individual’s body will have been adequately prepared for the significant inactivity that comes hand in hand with most surgeries.

Each pre-habilitation program will be specifically tailored to fit the needs, abilities and lifestyle of each patient awaiting surgery.  The program will start with an assessment of the patient’s current capacity, assessment of post surgical goals, and assessment of the facilities and resources available to each patient to complete such a program in their home or exercise environment.

Pre-habilitation can also be used to provide a sports specific personalized exercise program to prevent athletic injuries. The development of the program needs to be progressive and periodically re-evaluated to change with the athlete’s needs. Athletes of all levels should include pre-habilitation in their training program to prepare their bodies for athletic stressors, prevent injury, and enhance performance.

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