There is a time and a place to be doing simple exercises for back pain and there is a time and a place to be doing more advanced exercises for low back pain.  Here are 3 advanced core exercises.

  1. The front plank is a great way to integrate core stability with breathing and shoulder control. Whether it’s done from the knees or the toes, we do it in repetitions of maximum time until core failure – determined by muscle shaking.
  2. Once this is mastered, we will move you on to the Front Lean Rest – this is similar to the front plank but with extended arms requiring greater control at the shoulder – this exercise is progressed by separating the feet and the hands.
  3. The latest stage of the plank progression requires the most core control of any of the exercises.  The stir the pot is done like the front plank, but on an exercise ball.  The patient will draw the alphabet in the tight imaginary circle or perform a figure 8 pattern in an equal sized circle.

Prescription of these exercises depends on your stage of injury or performance, but we typically recommend timing the plank part of your workout, such as 5-10 minutes, and then performing as few repetitions as possible in that set time. Between each repetition which is terminated upon muscle shakiness, you should stand and take 5 deep breaths prior to repeating. When the timer goes, you’re done until the next day, when you will inevitably perform better and feel better.

At Peak Health and Performance our multidisciplinary and collaborative team believes in providing lasting results in fewer appointments. We use multiple treatment modalities that are always specific to each patient and their stage of injury. To learn more call 403-287-7325 or click here to book an appointment.

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