See what our patients have to say about our services.

I have been to many Chiropractors and Acupuncturists who never actually listen to what the problem is they are in a rush to get you in and out! This definitely is not the case here. They are very professional, within 2 treatments I was as good as new!! I was given exercises to help strengthen my back, and actually told I shouldn’t need to come back if I continue to keep strengthening my lower back muscles !!!! When do you ever hear that anywhere… I have referred many of my colleagues, friends and family to this outstanding Clinic, I just hope that if and when I need them again they will have room for me!!!

Theresa B.

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Kate Durnin and I would highly recommend her! She is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, and she helped me recover from my chronic neck and shoulder pain in just a couple of treatments. I was confused with my injury, but Dr. Durnin explained everything to me in very simple terms. The rest of the staff at Peak Health & Performance are also very welcoming and I always highly recommend this clinic to everyone I know!


These guys are fantastic.

Dr. Evan Durnin: If you want a doctor that cares enough to spend the extra time to assess, correct and educate you, then this is your guy. My visits here have left me feeling well cared for. I appreciate that.

Other staff: Always friendly and professional.

I found Peak Health via a friend’s recommendation, and I will extend that recommendation to everyone I know and care about. Thanks guys.

Ty D.

Dr. Durnin is the best chiropractor. I use to have carpal tunnel and issues with my legs. After a couple months of treatments my symptoms are almost completely gone. Dr. Durnin takes the time to listen and treat patients. I would highly recommend this chiropractor. They also offer direct billing to my insurance. It is very convenient that I can walk in and out and they can take care of the paper work for me.

Curt P.

My neck felt incredible after my appointment with Dr. Kate. I am still performing the stretches as well as I think it will help for mobility in the future to cut down on pulled muscles.I have to say I have told a lot of people about my incredible experience at Peak Performance. It completely changed my mind about chiropractors as well. You didn’t, for lack of better words, just snap, crackle, pop my neck and back but you took the time to stretch it and rubbed my neck to get it warmed up in advance to really ease my discomfort. In my 8 years of neck pain I have never had a one day turn around (from a severe pull to it feeling better) and this time I did! Thank you so very much!

Alicia W.

I was so impressed with my first visit to Peak Health and Performance that I had to share my positive experience. My son is a 14-year-old athlete who has had reoccurring arm, shoulder and back pain for several months. We have tried various remedies including massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic elsewhere, however the problem has never been fixed or even fully diagnosed. After hearing about Dr. Evan Durnin’s specialization in sport rehabilitation and injury prevention, I decided to take my son to see him.


First of all, the clinic is beautiful and very welcoming.  Upon meeting my son, Dr. Durnin made him feel so at ease and spoke right to him about everything. He did a thorough assessment and began treatment right away, spending a full hour with us. Dr. Durnin talked through everything, explaining what he was doing and showing him what was going on in his body. He even showed him how acupuncture worked by doing it on himself. My son thought that was really cool! Following treatment, Dr. Durnin took my son into their fully equipped exercise room and gave him some exercises to work on throughout the week. My son loved that Dr. Durnin did the exercises with him and really made sure that he was doing everything correctly.


Before leaving, I was also pleasantly surprised that I only had to pay a small percentage of the visit, as they offered direct billing to insurance companies. That is a major convenience that isn’t offered by many health professionals. The best part is, as soon as we got in the car to go home, my son said, “ I love that guy! I love the way he related to me and he really knows what he’s talking about.” As a parent, that reaction is both comforting and refreshing. The level of service provided at Peak Health and Performance is outstanding. We look forward to continuing treatment with Dr. Durnin and I greatly recommend him to other young athletes.


I would like to take this time to extend my thanks to Dr. Kevin Creppin.  I was recently doing dead lifts that were too heavy and put my back out.  It was hard to even stand up, let alone move and do my job as a trainer. I called Dr. Kevin and he got me in right away.  Spent over 45 minutes treating my back and by the next day its like nothing bad happened.  I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism displayed at the clinic and the pre-screening Dr. Kevin took to make sure the diagnosis was accurate and the appropriate techniques were applied.


I highly recommend the team at Peak Health & Performance, especially Dr. Creppin not only for acute injuries like I had, but routine care as well.  I am totally comfortable referring our bootcamp and personal training clients to him and know they will be looked after.

Jimmy H.Fit Body Bootcamp.

I saw Dr. Durnin for a chronic hip issue after I’d tried multiple health care providers, including chiropractors, massage, acupuncture, etc. – all without success. In one session, where he combined active release therapy with needling, he was able to largely resolve my issue. He was thorough, knowledgeable and caring. An added bonus was the rehab exercises he sent home with me. All in all, a really top notch experience.

Source: Ratemds.com

I found Kate listened and open to designing a holistic approach to my condition. She is friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.

Source: Ratemds.com

I saw Dr. Durnin today and I have to say he is THE BEST chiropractor I have ever seen. I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor for my neck injury. He did an entire body / health assessment. I felt like I was in the best care ever. At no time did I feel like I should have gone a different route. The work he did on my was crossed between a physio, chiropractic and massage. I would recommend Dr. Durnin to everyone I know. Thank you so much for your attention, explanations and care. You are the best! I am so happy that you are in my neighbourhood and I saw your new building. People – Elbow and 49th. You won’t be disappointed.

Source: Ratemds.com

I was referred to Dr. Evan Durnin through a friend and have been seeing him for the last 8 months for a recurring thumb injury and most recently, a shoulder injury from volleyball. For my initial appointment, he did a full body assessment, which he allocated a full 2 hours for. Evan is incredibly professional and knowledgeable, as he always provides a full explanation of my injuries and rehabilitation techniques, which leaves me feeling confident on my ability to recover from my injuries. He always provides a full list of exercises and detailed programs I can work on at home, as well as providing supplies including rubber bands and heat pads, which has been very helpful in my recovery process. Calgary is very fortunate to have such a talented Chiropractor! I can’t say enough great things about Evan, Kate and the team at Peak Health & Performance

Source: Ratemds.com

 I find Dr. Kate extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She listens to what you have to say and comes up with a treatment plan that works quickly. She is not all about getting you to come in all the time…just when necessary which is a problem I had with a past Dr. I have and will recommend her again to friends and family.

Source: Ratemds.com

Dr. Evan Durnin has intimate knowledge of the entire human body. He has helped me successfully rehabilitate, back, shoulder, and leg injuries over the past few months. The staff at his clinic is top notch, and every time I go to the clinic it is a great experience.

Source: Ratemds.com

 Needed work done on my neck and shoulders after an injury. Had chiro (from Dr. Kate) and massage done over the course of a few weeks and I’m back to 100%. The team is super friendly, but at the same time upholds the highest standards of professionalism. Exactly what I wanted and needed. Wouldn’t hesitate to return.

Source: Yelp Reviews. Yann F.

Dr. Evan Durnin has intimate knowledge of the entire human body. He has helped me successfully rehabilitate, back, shoulder, and leg injuries over the past few months. The staff at his clinic is top notch, and every time I go to the clinic it is a great experience.

Source: Yelp Reviews. Curt P.

 I was always skeptical of Chiropractors and have been to more than 10 in the last 5-7 years but Dr. Evan Durnin put me to ease very quickly.

I went to Peak Health & Performance as a last resort/effort before committing to surgery on my shoulder (As recommended by my MD). I also had neck and back pain as well.

Dr. Durnin spent a great deal of time assessing the situation and tailored a treatment specific to what was wrong. After 3 treatments my should is miles ahead of where it has been for years, my neck has significantly improved mobility and my back is no longer in pain.

Most knowledgeable and personable Dr. I have met in a very long time.

I cannot stress how much I recommend Peak Health & Performance!!!

Source: Yelp Reviews. Greg E.

Great team at Peak Health!  Very educated and caring doctors who go the extra mile for their patients.  Highly recommended!

Source: Yelp Reviews. Sarah B.

 I have been to many chiropractors and no one could seem to figure out why my shoulder was so bad. Kevin figured it out within the first hour and not only made the pain significantly less (after he did some amazing and painful treatment) but also showed me exercises to eventually heal my shoulder. I am in awe.

Stephanie K.

 This is the only place I go. The Durnins keep me training hard and pain free. Anybody serious about their sport needs people like the peak health team taking care of them. Thanks guys.

Curtis L.

Great customer service at front desk. Personal and professional care and concern for your overall well being and health by the chiropractors and massage therapist. Highly recommend all services provided.

Sherrill R.

Dr. Creppin has been treating me for 6 months now. Since we began treatment, I have seen outstanding results with him through the use of acupuncture, active release and manipulations. As an ex-professional soccer player with a degree in Kinesiology, I understand what treatments have worked on my body in the past and Dr. Creppin’s philosophies align with these.

Kevin gets results that other therapists are unable to get due to his physiological outlook on the body. He views the body in its entirety regardless of how small the injury is. As a result, he is able to determine and fix the deficiency at the heart of the problem, rather than merely focusing on the site of the symptoms.

Zach K.

I have had treatments from Dr. Kevin Creppin since April of 2014. From the first session – I have been very impressed with his approach to treatment. Dr. Creppin uses functional movement screens to properly assess the patients’ current movement patterns. He also utilizes up to date methods such as ART, Graston and Acupuncture.

He is the new age of Chiropractors and leading the way. With 30-minute appointments – he spends much needed time getting to know his patients and assessing the real root of the pain. This is such a refreshing change to what I have experienced in the past with other Chiropractors.

I am very comfortable referring my staff and athletes to Dr. Creppin – as I know that he will help them return to play and practice – in a safe and timely manner.

Glenn VergieVergie Speed

These guys fixed me up in no time flat! I highly recommend them!

Don B.

Christine Mac (whom I saw for my physiotherapy sessions), was wonderful. She was always up beat, easy to talk to, made me feel completely comfortable and most importantly, the work she did during my sessions has really helped. Peak Health and Performance was recommended to me, and in turn, I would recommend them to others!

Carmen D.

Since being treated by Christine in physiotherapy at Peak Health, I have had much success in recovering from a shoulder injury. I am highly impressed with the exercises she has provided to me to sustain a healthy body. This is a great place to come if you are on a lot of pain and need relief. Thanks Christine and company!

Paul W.

I have had the good fortune to meet and have Christine as my physio for the past 3 years. Serious nerve root compressions, neck injures from car accidents and the normal problems associated life in general, she has always had the solutions. She is a true professional with a wonderful attitude and I am grateful to have her as my friend.

Paul M.

I saw Christine Mac for physiotherapy in with her treatment and advice in the beginning of December I went on to win the 2015 NAGA World championship in Dallas Texas And also silver and bronze in Boston Massachusetts in January 2016 I highly recommend her for physiotherapy treatment if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to compete, I recommend her to everybody!

Sue-Ann R.

I thought I severely hurt my shoulder on a Wednesday. Like I couldn’t even reach to my purse in my passenger seat it hurt so bad. Booked with Evan for Thursday and got diagnosed with a supraspinatus impingement. I got treatment and he gave me some take home exercises which I did everyday. Sunday morning I did Olympic lifting and I feel like I had a brand new body!!! Zero pain. Something that looked like weeks of pain and no overhead was healed in 3 days. Moral of the story, don’t drag on a small injury. Take care of it immediately. Move pain free. Evan is a magician!!! Thanks peak !!!

Nadia Y.

Evan and Jess have helped me so much during the time I have been coming due to my accident ! They have been so accommodating with my schedule and make sure I get the best treatment ever. I’m so blessed that I found these guys and will be a client for life!

Jory R.

My husband and I have spent a lot of time and resources searching for a practice that fits both of our specific needs, and I’m happy to say we finally did. The team at Peak Health is kind, knowledgeable and very effective. Its so nice to actually see results and walk away with a better understanding of our aches and pains. We both highly recommend Peak Health 🙂

Rachel W.

We have had the pleasure of working with many of the amazing staffers at Peak. Each experience has exceeded expectations of professionalism, knowledge and results.

Cheryl D.

I have had knee problems for 10 years. I have seen many doctors and specialists during that time and have tried numerous therapies. Dr. Evan is the only one who has helped me obtain notable results. His treatments have helped me gain back most of my lost mobility and have decreased my pain significantly. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.


As a physician I hold a pretty high standard for the health practitioners that I seek out for my personal treatment and don’t have patience for shill artists. I have been nothing but impressed with the treatment team at peak health. Knowledgeable, professional, highly skilled, up to date on the latest literature and actually take the time to perform effective therapies without the shill selling that many chiros do. As an Ironman triathlete I dealt with a number of overuse injuries and have seen practitioners in a number of cities and provinces over the past decade. The team at peak health has been the most exceptional and comprehensive that I have dealt with and I have seen some very effective results. Highly recommend to everyone needing chiropractic therapy. Great front end staff as well! 5 stars!!!

Kevin G.


The staff at Peak Health are simply the most professional/friendly people I have ever had do work on me. Over the years I have unfortunately been a frequent flyer to many different physio centre’s across Canada/Europe and the US, resulting from many injuries sustained from rugby and growing older and not being invincible anymore. I looked forward to each and every appointment as I felt I was being treated by friends and people who cared about my well being and not just a paying customer. They also managed to help me out on my road to recovery. Sadly I moved away prior to being able to completely recover but I look forward to hopefully one day being symptom free and I can say that the time spent at Peak health played a major part in my recover to date. I know when I return to Calgary, my trips will be adjusted/extended to ensure that I am able to get an adjustment and a massage.

Steven A.

I have been getting chiropractic and massage therapy at Peak for about a year now and would highly recommend their services to anyone in need. I came in for a massage to give it a try and discussed some of my recurring pain issues with the massage therapist. With her and Kevin joining up, they were able to stop pain in my shoulder that had been there for years. I continue to come every month for a massage and will continue to do so. Love this place!

Jessie T.

I am new to Calgary and am part of a cross fit community. I suffered a pulled muscle in my back. Was referred to Peak Health by several people at the gym, and they were amazing! Were able to get me in the same day, had several appointments and healed quickly. Have since recommended this location to many friends.

Candice D.

I can not say enough great things about Dr. Kate. She always makes me feel so welcome and more like I am a friend visiting to get all “fixed up” rather than just a client. I feel very comfortable with everyone in the office as they are always friendly and easy to talk to. Feels very much like a family atmosphere than an office setting. I would recommend Peak Health and Performance to ANYONE!!

Deanna W.

Amazing! They are the only place that has been able to help with my sciatic pain. I recommend them to everyone!

Jocelyn S.

As a practicing Kinesiologist, I can confidently say that Evan and his team are among the best in the industry. I have and will continue to refer all of my clients to Peak Health as their multi-disciplinary approach allows for a faster recovery from injury, and an overall more effective treatment plan. I have personally worked with each of their massage therapists and chiropractors, and can speak only good things about their consistency and professionalism. Thank you for all that you have done for my clients!

Eric J.

I was nervous about chiropractic work due my general ignorance about the modern practice. However, when I could barely walk due to my SI syndrome, I tried to find a clinic that had some office hours over the winter holidays (between Xmas and New Year’s) and Peak Health and Performance had some space. That’s benefit #1 of this place, they are often able to accommodate difficult schedules with many evening and weekend appointments. Secondly, I’m very impressed by all of the staff. My chiropractor has a knowledge and competence beyond her age/experience; she’s professional but has a gregarious personality and a curiosity which means that she’s following the newest research and ideas in her field. In fact, all of the chiropractors and masseuses at Peak seem to use the cutting edge therapies, as well as the tried and true. I was surprised that many of their techniques are those that I was familiar and comfortable with from physiotherapy (interferential, heat application, massage, acupuncture…) I also appreciate that I’ve never found anyone at Peak to be trying to “sell” me anything (additional products or treatments) – this is a relief! I’m in a much better place since going to see the team at Peak and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!


Back pain and pain due to scar tissue no longer there. So fantastic!

Eric K.




Kate, Evan and Kevin have all been great chiropractors for me. I have been to a chiropractor for many years and no one compares to this team. Thank you!

Paul H.

I heard that the average chiropractic patient to PH came 5-6x. I doubted this would be the case for me, as years of physical labour had left me with chronic back pain. To my surprise I was pain free after my first treatment and no longer needed regular visits after 5 treatments! I appreciate that PH took the time to explain what was causing they pain in my back. PH developed a personalized therapeutic exercise plan for my specific needs. Thank you so much!

Karla M.

Amazing results. After one or two sessions whatever is hurting is fixed.

Troy C.

My experience with Peak Health has been very positive. The environment is welcoming and friendly. Both Drs. Kate and Evan are kind; I have found both to be personable. I’ve had the most exposure to Jessica, the massage therapist. She is a big reason why I return to Peak. She is intelligent, compassionate, and always attentive. Most importantly, Jessica is an excellent massage therapist. She has provided me with significant relief and I would consider her the best therapist I have experienced.

Glenn P.

I am a patient of Dr. Kate Durnin. I have gone to a couple of chiropractors in the past, but have never felt as motivated and encouraged as I have since I started seeing Dr. Kate. It is not a quick in and out appointment. She is eager to hear about how I am doing not only physically but mentally as well and is always great about offering advice in any way she can. I feel energized after my appointments with her. I would recommend her to anyone!

Excellent service…great people!

Darren B.

I had a great experience getting treatments from Dr. Kate Durnin She is caring, friendly and professional.

Judy C.

Immediate relief for what I came in for, thanks Kate!

Keenan T.

Amazing treatments. I can actually get out of bed painfree.

Shaye C.

Comfortable environment, helpful staff and very knowledgeable doctors. Challenges I’ve had for years we’re overcome in very short time. I was provided very good information on preventative maintenance and would strongly recommend this practice to athletes and anyone else.

Jason D.

Very comfortable and welcoming environment. Always feels great leaving!

Sarah B.

Dr. Evan and his team of specialists have been awesome to work with, they’ve been able to fix my lower back problems that I’ve been dealing for a long time. I would recommend them to anyone that needs some fine tuning!

Tony T.

Very thorough and highly knowledgable. I always feel very well taken care of. I appreciate the explanation of things that are going on with my body and that there is always a plan to better how I feel. The results have been undeniable for me and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Emily P.

The entire staff at Peak are amazing. Evan and Kate are the greatest thing to have happened to my physical health in years. I can safely state that without them I would not be in a healthy place. Thank you so much. You are like family to me.

Shawn L.

The staff at Peak Health and Performance have been stellar and will continue to give them my support. They have awesome massage therapists, and I got fitted with a custom knee brace in no time. I’ll also be stopping by for physiotherapy, so let’s see how that goes!

Don C.

Professional, approachable. Knowledgeable and caring. The goal is to get you fixed without giving you a run around. I’ve never had so much mobility in my neck shoulder and back after just one massage and one chiro appt. Highly recommended

Colin W.

No better place to get put back together! Professionalism of all staff is outstanding! Dr. Durnin’s treatment success with all my clients I send him is 100%. They go in, get fixed and are able to move on with life and continue training hard! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of my clients or my family.

Evelyn S.

The professionals at Peak Health and Performance have provided me with outstanding service by creating a personalized program catered to my unique needs. By evaluating an overall picture of my health, they have come up with a personalized approach involving every prong of service possible to help me recover from past injuries and to prevent future issues. Peak combines traditional medicinal practice with innovative treatment to optimize each unique client’s individual outcome. Moreover, the chiropractors at Peak are knowledgeable, professional, and truly care for me and my unique status as a patient. I feel totally comfortable with them and feel that they truly care for me as an individual. I would highly recommend Peak to anyone who is looking for a personally focused care plan and an exceptional service level.

Rebecca Y.

Dr. Evan is simply amazing. The one on one apppintments and personal attention lets you know he really does care about you’re recovery. He deals with the issue then the fixes….not a temporary fix to get you moving for a few days (ive had those). I went in for a shoulder injury… now we’re working on the other issues. I recommend Dr. Evan and his team to everyone is newly injured or has been injured in the past and needs to see someone again. Peak Health and Performance gets 2 flat white thumbs (and a big toe) up!

Angela H.

I want to do a long overdue shout out to Dr. Kevin Creppin of Peak Health & Performance. Thank you so much for all your help and taking such a vested interest in my case. If anyone is looking for a great, multidisciplined chiropractor… I recommend him whole heartedly! He’s made a huge difference in my health (and lately, that’s saying something!).

Arild A.

Amazing. Really impressed with the quality and expertise treatment they provide. They really go above and beyond for your health. I would reccomend this place to anyone and everyone. Thanks Kate!

Candice M.

Keeps me tuned up and feeling great! Consider myself lucky to find a place with multiple services under one roof!

Jocelyn B.

Kate spends a lot of time with me each visit and has helped me to manage my own back pain. A miracle!

Hedy T.

Thank you thank you thank you for the TLC today Evan. I don’t know what I would do without you!!! You guys are the best.

Carolynn S.

Great customer service at front desk. Personal and professional care and concern for your overall wellbeing and health by the chiropractors and massage therapist. Highly recommend all services provided.

Spencer R.

This is the only place I go. The Durnins keep me training hard and pain free. Anybody serious about their sport needs people like the peak health team taking care of them. Thanks guys.

Curtis L.

Thank you Evan for making me feel like a Million $$$$ !!! My knees and shoulders have never felt so good! Can’t wait till our next session!!

Jory R.

Love it! The team is fantastic! Thank you Kate and Jess for all you do to get rid of my aches and pains.

Christina C.

I was having a lot of knee pain due to an injury.  I had a single acupuncture session with Janelle, a physiotherapist at Peak, and the pain was noticeably reduced.  I trust my knee while walking again.  With the combination of acupuncture and exercises, it is starting to feel like normal! Thank you Janelle/Peak Team!

Trudy B.