MVA Treatment for Kids

Offered at the following locations:

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Why choose Peak Kids after a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

  • Our skilled therapists have the expertise to treat both kids and adults to help them recover following an MVA
  • Kids have very specific needs and injuries following an MVA and our therapists are skilled to assess and treat these injuries and provide tailored treatments for children
  • Our therapists can assess babies in car seats, toddlers, kids of all ages and adults all in one convenient location for the whole family
  • We know MVA’s can be scary, and we strive to make kids and adults of all ages feel comfortable and have fun during their recovery


What to Do if You’re in a MVA

  • Book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists to properly assess your injuries. Note: It is not necessary to receive a medical doctor referral to receive care at Peak following your accident.
  • File an injury accident report with the police. Remember to keep a copy for your records
  • Complete the Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim Form (AB-1 Form)
  • For sprains, strains, or whiplash, you must submit this form within 10 days of the accident to access the “Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols” coverage